A Chrome Extension that forces you to be productive
The owl follows you to every page you go. When you are not being productive he swoops across the page and closes your tabs. You will learn to find the information you need, and get back to work.
Google Chrome Required The owl will be ported to Firefox if the owl achieves more than 50,000 active users. (highly unlikely)
Schedule Easily schedule your freetime hours, so that you take your breaks during break-time, and work the rest of the time.
Block or Allow Websites You can explicitly block known time-wasting websites, or allow work-related websites. The owl will never bother you on allowed websites.
Save for Later Having the owl constantly closing webpages can get annoying. Instead of desperately refreshing the page to reset the owl's timer, save the page for later. Fighting the owl is a losing battle.
Earn Respect Earning the owl's respect takes time. There are many factors that the owl takes into consideration to determine your respect score. Disabling the extension will negatively affect your respect score.